Applying Technology, Assuring Results
Revenue Assurance Partners, LLC
offers a full menu of commercial
(business to business) credit
services. These include:
Contingency Collections
1st Party outsourcing
Business and Credit Investigations
Credit Reporting
Legal Forwarding
Remote client access

Exceptional Debt Collection Agency Services for Your Business

Take advantage of a debt collection agency with over 50 years of collective experience with commercial debt collection. Recover your lost funds quickly with our services. Our advanced technology and vast resources provide superior bottom-line results on your commercial collection problems. As a collector, we provide a strong emphasis on technology to give you the latest developments in the industry.

Solutions to Outstanding Debt

Recover the funds your company is owed through the Revenue Assurance Partners menu of services. We recognize the importance of being a strong debt collector who can recover your funds, while simultaneously maintaining the business relationship you have formed with the customer. Our debt collection agency works fast and efficient, letting you and your employees concentrate on what's most important to your business. With technological advantages like our computer integrated telephony system and RAPDIRECT on-line client access, our representatives can maximize production and provide you with vital information instantaneously.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest rate of return on your receivables. Our professional collector services have assisted countless businesses recover lost or outstanding funds. Turn to our knowledgeable staff to provide you with the most professional and efficient debt collection experience possible.

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Revenue Assurance Partners is dedicated to getting the money that is owed to a business to the business. Revenue Assurance Partners is very good at getting the money to those who deserve the money and who have earned it. They do this by contacting the debtor and informing them of the consequences of not paying. They also remind the debtor of the money owed. At times, the purchase of a debt is called for and the Revenue Assurance Partners will pay the debt for a smaller fee, and then get the debtor to pay them for the amount owed.

Revenue Assurance Partners is very good at getting the money back due to their dedication to the job. There is no giving up or forgetting of money owed by the Revenue Assurance Partners. There are only the attempts to collect funds. These attempts can be through letters, phone calls, or in last resorts, law suits. No matter what method, results are almost always assured.

Revenue Assurance Partners does a very important service to businesses. All businesses require revenue to make ends meet. All businesses require debts and bills to be paid to them promptly to ensure the success of the business. When debts are not paid or bills are not sent in, then the company loses money and risks the stability that it works so hard to achieve. The constant failure for debts and bills to get paid can devastate a business.

Revenue Assurance Partners ensures that the business gets the revenue that is so important to the success of the business. They do this in a number of ways, but the end result is always the same. The debt gets paid and the business is able to maintain stability. This results in business growth and expansion.

To help insure the success of the businesses, Revenue Assurance Partners offers their services at a low price and a high rate of success. If a business is having problems with a customer not paying, they can call Revenue Assurance Partners and expect that bill to be paid promptly. This is always the case with Revenue Assurance Partners. This is a great help to the other businesses that rely upon the bills being paid and those who are owed by the business seeking the funds since now their bills can be paid. Do not let your business suffer from unpaid bills; get Revenue Assurance from Revenue Assurance Partners.

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